Love doesn’t cost a thing. 

Good...whatever time you're reading this. Good morning cause I'm writing this at 2am on a Monday morning. For the past two months approximately, I have not been able to finish up any of my articles and this is my supposed Valentine's Day post. I'm trying to say that I have about five unfinished write ups [...]


Come to me all you who are weary and I will give you rest; accept and save you from the dangers of this world.  Christmas trees and lights, snow balls and the snowman standing in front of the porch just to make it seem like it is the festive season. Most of the people that [...]

the modified mind

A few days ago, I thought of how my life would have been if I was born in the village where I am from, and lived there all my life... I may have still had the same basic personality, but it would have been totally modified by my environment. My spoken english, level of education [...]

A letter to Fikun…

dear fikun, your loss to the cold hands of death wasn't the most pleasant experience  but what I know is she's smiling down at you from heaven the endless sway of her soul cause now she serves as your guardian angel  who looks down and showers her love certain that you will be alright  feel [...]


Hiding behind that mask doesn't take away who you really are, caging the lion in you doesn't make you less a lion,  let the world see who you are, let them know you for who you really are. I'm broken! and I have tried day after day to do everything possible to become the perfect [...]


This body needs to danceTo release itself  From bonds and shackles  It needs to release its hands To let them fly, swing, sway  Gesticulate and tell a tale It needs to release it's legs Allow them to feel every beat As it soars through it's body And to move in time with it  Embracing the [...]


Things are looking really bleak in Nigeria right now. There's so much going on right now that could make even the strongest of us cringe in fear. Fuel prices, increase in cost of living, educational system decay, boko haram, fulani wars... Sometimes we just look at these things and wonder, is this how everything is [...]


I'm in pains!!! let me go! don't touch me! my eyes hurt  my ears feel bad  my legs, my legs feel so damn heavy  I don't like this  I don't want to be here  I struggled with the strong arms holding me down  my head banged so hard! it's heavy please cut it off!  no [...]